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Mixing is part SCIENCE and ART

The “science” part involves such things as knowing how frequencies interact with one another – how the human ear (and brain) experiences sound – how delay and reverb work to create the illusion of space and depth – understanding the details of how compression, saturation, panning, level, etc., all affect individual tracks (and entire mixes) – and so on. All these things are based primarily on the science of sound.

The “art” part is not as easy to define. It comes from the same place that all art originates, really – more of an intuitive understanding than a conscious approach. Every mixing engineer tends to have their own personal artistic signature. Of course, each song is unique too – and as such, needs its own unique creative treatment.

As a mixing engineer and musician, my goal is to objectively listen to your work with a fresh set of ears. I can then work to bring new creative ideas and my own unique sound to your production.

Your work deserves the professional help of someone who can appreciate the sound and feel you’re trying to get across for both yourself and your audience. If you like my work (and I encourage you to listen to my audio samples), then get in touch today to schedule your next mixing project.



As every song is unique, so is each MIX unique. I’ll give each of your tracks my personal attention and the professional treatment they deserve.



  • A very intentional listening session – I’ll note the sonic strengths and weaknesses of the song.
  • Set gain staging for maximum headroom and clarity.
  • Apply effective EQ to help every track sit well in the mix.
  • Compression to create energy, movement, punch, and balance.
  • Console modeling (if needed) to help best match the sound you have in your head (i.e., 60s, 70s, 80, modern, particular studio, etc.). 
  • My own creative touches of reverb, delay, saturation, and other audio effects to enhance your tracks and help your work to stand-out. 



  • Pitch correction
  • Drum editing
  • Comping of multiple takes

All track editing should be done beforehand. Editing is a very time-consuming process – and, if needed, should be completed before you send your tacks to over me.

I provide a Pre-Mixing Checklist for each new client, to help ensure everything is in good order before I begin the mix.



I know it’s not always easy to send your creative work out to someone you may have never met – and entrust them (me) with creating a great mix.

That’s why EVERY mix I do includes up to two rounds of revisions based directly on your feedback.  My 3-mix approach (the initial mix, plus two additional revised mixes) is the perfect way to get your much needed input onto my mix. This method helps us to quickly and efficiently reach a mix . In the end, everyone is happy.



I work on a flat rate per-song model. This is a very easy approach for us both – and you’ll always know exactly how much it will cost to get your mixes completed.

Standard Mixing Package – Professional mixing – Up to two revisions – Delivery of high-quality WAV and MP3 files. Contact me for current rates.